Brian Boggs Chairmakers


Fine Handmade Chairs
by Brian Boggs of Berea, Kentucky

Brian Boggs makes beautiful handmade chairs that are not only a work of art, they’re comfortable and built to last a lifetime.

He designs and builds each chair by hand, using a process of steaming and bending each part of the back, legs and arms to a graceful and extremely comfortable curve.

Brian sells his most popular chairs (and tables to go with them) from his catalog. He also is happy to design custom furniture to suit your needs.

If you visit the Berea area, come by the shop to see and try out some of Brian’s chairs yourself. A photo can only give you an idea of the beauty and comfort that await you… >>

The Brian Boggs Spokeshave made by Lie-Neilson Toolworks is now available directly from Brian >>

Register now for Brian’s Upcoming Workshops.

© 1999-2005 Brian Boggs
118 Lester Street
Berea, Kentucky 40403
(859) 986-4638
Shop hours: Monday – Friday 9-5
Eastern Standard Time

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