Brian Boggs Chairshop
Beginning March 2006, Brian Boggs Chairmakers will be accepting an apprentice to work in Brian’s workshop in Berea, Kentucky. To make this apprenticeship accessible to as many people as possible, three apprenticeships will be offered each year. Two of these apprenticeships will run for three months and one will run for six months. The first three-month apprenticeship will be available from March to May of 2006 with the second running from June to August. A six-month apprenticeship will be offered from September to February. Brian’s workshop offers the unique opportunity to be involved with fine furniture making from log to finished product. The successful applicant will gain experience in the following areas:

Log selection Sawmill operation
Wood drying Steam bending
Stock preparation Machine maintenance
Precision machining Joinery
Turning Hand tool skills
Seat weaving Finishing
Marketing Shipping
The applicant selected will be given an apartment to live in for the period of his or her apprenticeship along with a stipend of $100 per week. Apprentices will be covered by workers’ compensation while on the job and will be given a limited amount of shop time to work on their own projects.

Anyone interested should send a résumé, along with a cover letter stating the reasons for his/her interest in this opportunity, to Brian Boggs Chairmakers, 118 Lester Street, Berea, KY 40403, or by e-mail to A refundable $500 deposit is required upon selection.

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